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Fix – Google Drive Download Button Missing

Fix – Google Drive Download Button Missing

  • Are you not able to See Download Option for the Google Drive File? Here is all the Information you Need to Know to Missing Download Option

Google Drive offers a feature wherein the file owner can block the downloads for the shared members. The settings, if applied, will disable the download button, and the shared members can only view the file and cannot make a copy, download, or edit it. So, if you cannot see the download option on your Android and iPhone App or Web Browser, then this is not an error, but the file permission is set to view-only by the owner.

The owner can change the download permission on the desktop browser, under share options. The download option will still be visible if you shared files with the member with editor permissions. For the mobile app, the files can only be viewed as copies and the download button will be disabled.

What Can You Do if File is Download Protected?

You can ask the owner of the file to enable the download option for the shared files. If it is not possible, then you can alternately download the restricted file directly using some tricks.

The download-protected video can be saved using Android and Web Browser. But for downloading PDF and Docs, you need a Dekstop Computer Browser, preferably Chrome Browser. The download-protected files are hard to be extracted but there are some codes, scripts, and workaround methods you can incorporate to save the view-only files on your Web Browser and/or Mobile App.

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